Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Monks of the Abbey Victoria vs. Mystic River

This week I compared and contrasted The Monks of Abbey Victoria with the Mystic River. I really thought both pieces well written and I could follow clearly where some of the other short stories lost me.
The Monks was about a guy, who begins working at TV network. Some of his coworkers put him through a few tests to see if they could trust him. Then they asked him to join their secret club. He shows his coworkers that he can be trusted but in the end he lost his job at the expense of gaining his coworkers friendship.In Comparison of The Monk of Abbey Victoria and the Mystic River they both are from a more modern time frame which allows the readers to be able to relate to it. I see some similarities between Sean and Dale. They both want other to like them and to be on the inside and will go along with what ever to get there. I feel both Authors did a good job developing the characters which allows the reader enough information about the two main characters.

As far as the length of each goes, I don't feel that either one could have benefited from being changed. The Monk of Abbey Victoria really couldn't have gone on for too long, without the rising action being boring. The big climactic point would've lost something if much more time was spent on the rising action. I think Mystic River was just the right length as well. I liked both pieces; but if I had to pick, I'd say I liked Mystic River better. The suspense was just the right amount in this book for me.I don't think in that in these two stories there were many differences. Both pieces were written by men.


  1. I read "Monks" a couple of weeks ago. It had a surprise ending for me. I wasn't expecting the way it turned out. Did you expect it to end up the way it did?

  2. I also read "The Monks" and enjoyed it very much. I had the t.v. show Madmen in mind as I imagined the office setting and the era. It would seem to me this story and Mystic River would be nice to compare due to the similiar topic of the commradarie amongst a group of men, however the big difference would seem to be the use of some humor in "The Monks" and the heavyness of Mystic River.